15 Best Dubai Honeymoon Ideas – Plan a Romantic Getaway to Dubai!

Effortlessly charismatic, totally international and yet astonishingly exotic, Dubai is everything a dream destination can be! On top of the bucket list of countless travellers, Dubai is a perfect destination in Asia if you want to do luxury on budget.

The city has countless opportunities to spend a romantic vacation and needless to say, bestows the visitors with multiple opportunities to relive their romance on this special day. Plenty of Dubai tours, designed to suit couples to make their honeymoon in Dubai, special are available to be chosen from!

Best Attractions in Dubai to visit on your Honeymoon:

Here’s a list of the top attractions of Dubai that you can take your love to for a honeymoon:

  1. Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab

The tall and proud landmark of Dubai shine on the Dubai Skyline like diamond and pull you towards it like a magnet. Take your beloved to Burj Khalifa and enjoy a 360-degree view of the city from the sky.

Enjoy an unforgettable day at Burj Khalifa- the tallest manmade structure in the world which is replete with shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities. Catch the sunset from outdoor observation deck and celebrate your love like never before!

  1. Burj Al Arab

Another feather to Dubai’s crown is this spectacular structure, which also happens to be the tallest hotels in the world. The first thing that will strike you is its unique shape which resembles a sailing ship. Book any of the best tours in Dubai that will serve as an entry ticket to Burj Al Arab and also book a table for you and your loved one.

Feel like a royal as you enjoy an elaborate meal in this skyscraper.

  1. Desert Safari

Not an attraction per se, but this is one of the best things to do in Dubai! If you and your loved one love having adrenaline rushing, a desert safari is a must-do in Dubai. Opt for the Desert Safari tours in Dubai that will not only give you a ride on the jumpy-bumpy sand dunes but will also be followed by an exotic dinner under the stars. Experience the beauty of desert under moonlight as you enjoy a delicious dinner and folk dance performance with your loved one.

  1. Ski Dubai

What would otherwise be just a theme park makes to the list of best honeymoon experiences in Dubai because it is a skiing place in the middle of a desert!

Yes, an excellent surprise in the middle of hot and humid weather of Dubai is this Ski-themed park that resides within the Dubai mall.

Take your beloved one for a date here and surprise them!

  1. The Palm Jumeriah

Also popular as the Palm Islands, these fantastic man-made beauties are hyped and for all the right reasons! Apart from being extremely plush and intricately designed, the palm islands offer some of the best sea-facing hotels in Dubai.

Book a room here if you want to splurge and spend your Honeymoon like a king and queen. Alternatively, you can also book any of the best Dubai tours that will take you on a guided visit to these Palm-shaped islands. Spend a day here, have an amazing meal by the sea and travel by cruise, romance all the way!

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden

What else can make any heart melt faster, than a sight of millions of colorful flowers blooming splendidly all around? A visit to the Dubai Miracle Garden will do just that and more when you visit it with your partner. Spend some time admiring all the beauties around, take some mushy pictures and enjoy your honeymoon!

  1. Dubai Ice Rink

Isn’t it a little difficult to get all romantic and cozy up when the mercury scale is threatening to explode any second? This is where the Dubai Ice Rink comes into play! Have a merry time with the love of your life, giving ice skating a go, while the gentle snow drops in from the (false) heavens and cooling the Celsius scale inside. Skate with each other’s hand in hand, enjoy a few silly bumps and have a jolly good time!

  1. Dubai Aquarium

Enjoy a romantic encounter with magnificent aquatic animals all around on your visit to the Dubai Aquarium. The unearthly beauty of the aquarium is sure to act like an aphrodisiac and set the perfect tone for a fabulous romantic experience. This won’t be a special day just for the 2 of you, as the in-house King and Queen Croc might also decide to drop in on your love sojourn. It is undoubtedly one of the best tours in Dubai possible!

  1. Balloon Ride

Dubai is simply stunning when seen from the heavens above, and when you add a romantic activity like just the two of you watching the mesmerizing sunrise together, then you have yourself a perfect day. Apart from the sun, also witness the majestic landscape of Dubai, its vast desert, the huge city and other beautiful features.

  1. Dhow Boat Ride

Take your partner on a traditional Dhow boat cruise of the Dubai marina and the Dubai creek. Go early morning or late evening, and you can enjoy a cool breeze, a spectacular view of the sun and magnificent views of Dubai’s landscape in the background. To pamper your partner even further, there will be a sumptuous meal on-board too along with some other entertainment options!

Best Restaurants in Dubai to visit on your Honeymoon:

Got no clue where to go for dinner on your honeymoon? Here’s the list of best romantic restaurants for a sublime dining experience in Dubai:

  1. Pai Thai

Located within the Madinat Jumeriah resort, Pai Thai is a beautiful place to enjoy a romantic meal. Great view of water and the Palm islands along with delectable authentic Thai cuisine make it a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

Ask for a table by the pool and relish the specialities like Massaman curry and Mango sticky rice.

  1. Hard Rock Cafe

For the quintessential American experience in Dubai, head to Hard Rock Café! If live music and excellent food is your thing, look no further!

Set in festival city, this is the right place to head for a dinner if you are not up for sit-down fine dining!

  1. mosphere

Set on the 122nd level of the iconic Burj Khalifa, At.mosphere is the best place to take your bae while on a honeymoon. While there are many sightseeing tours in Dubai that will take on you a visit to Burj Khalifa, having a meal, especially a romantic dinner is a spell-bounding experience!

As you enjoy the bird’s eye view from At.mosphere with your beloved by your side, the chef and the staff of the restaurant will make sure you have the best meal of your lifetime!

  1. Bateaux Dubai

Serving European as well as international cuisine that is delectable on its own, Bateaus is all about great view, great view and great view! Set on the waters; expect excellent views of the city light and a drop-dead-gorgeous romantic ambience at the place! This is a perfect place for a romantic date!

For an exclusive cruise dinner for two, can also book any of the best Paris tours for your Dubai honeymoon!

  1. Belgian Beer Cafe

Another gem in the Festival city Dubai, Belgian Beer Café is perfect place for a romantic dinner. Offering outdoor seating with superb view of the waters, the live music and the old-bistro appeal will transfer you to the streets of Europe!

Munch on Belgian fries with hearty burgers and finish it off with beer from the taps! Perfect place for a chilled-out date in Dubai!

Book a table at any of these Dubai restaurants and you’ll have a time to remember!

Explore the beautiful destination of Dubai on your Honeymoon, and you’ll have a time to remember!