Essential tips for an intimate Birthday celebration

Birthdays are the fun times. It is as special to plan for someone else’s birthday as much it is to get surprised on ours. Though it offers a great reason to meet people and socialize or throw a grand birthday bash, one can also break the monotony with a small intimate celebration at peace of home. While you are already a pro at managing a lavish celebration, have a look at some of the tips for a memorable birthday celebration.

Creative ideas for anintimate birthday celebration:

  • Since this is a very private birthday celebration, it can be celebrated either with just your spouse or with immediately family and few close friends. This should just sum up to 10-12 people.
  • The next step comes with the quintessential planning for birthday cake. If you are a pro at baking, you can bake the birthday cake yourself or take resort to those happening cake shops. Online cake delivery is yet another option these days. Online cake delivery in Jhunjhuna is possible on the day of booking itself. This will save your time.
  • While ambiance plays an important role in any celebration, it becomes all the more important for an intimate gathering. If it is just you and your significant other, you can go for a romantic decor with balloons, roses, and candles. If you have few guests at the party, you can try with some dim lighting and candles for a cozy This would add oodles of charm to your intimate gathering.
  • The next in line is the entertainment quotient. Since there are only a few guests, the fun quotient doesn’t need to be pompous. You can plan for some fun games that can be played in thehouse. You can also arrange for some foot tapping music as this would add oomph to your party. You can also plan for some surprise performances by friends or family.
  • Any celebration is incomplete without food. You can either arrange for a spread of full course menu or plan for simple snacks like pizza, pasta, or burgers. But since this is a house party, don’t forget to arrange for some munching and refreshment drinks.
  • Karaoke is the in thing presently. You can also plan a karaoke night followed by dinner. Friends and family can sing their heart outset the mood for the night. This can give a perfect end to your party.
  • Though this is an intimate gathering, you can still go for a theme party. But keep in mind to co-ordinate every link of the celebration in sync with the theme.
  • If you are looking for a night long celebration, you can also arrange for a private movie screening at your home theater. This can be an interesting idea to spend the night with friends and family.

If you are someone looking to surprise a loved one who lives in distant city, order birthday cake online and surprise them with your sweet gesture. But don’t forget to add flowers or chocolates with the cake.