Learn Balancing With Toddlebike

Toddlebike is the term that is used to describe a bike that is meant for the toddlers. Unlike the normal bikes and cycles, toddlebike is the one that does not have a pedal or leg stand. It is solely meant to make the toddlers learn the art of balancing the bikes and cycles by riding the toddlebike rather gliding with it. The kids are supposed to get on the bike like the normal way in which a bike is ridden and then glide the bike on the road with their legs.

This way they also travel a certain distance while their legs are on the ground and they balance the sliding of the bike to each side with their legs. Since, the legs are on the ground itself it is easy for the kids to get down from the bike in case of misbalance. This prevents the kids from falling down and getting wounded. There are various features that the toddlebike comes with. Some of them are described below:

  • Since the toddlebike comes without having the pedals in it, it becomes hassle free for the babies and they find it easy to learn balancing.
  • Most of the parents can allow their kids to ride the bike in order to learn balancing as soon as the baby starts walking. The age considered for such stage is 12 months or so depending upon the growth of the baby.
    Children from 1 year to 4 years can learn balancing with the toddlebike.
  • The tires are given special attention at the time of manufacturing so as to ensure that the tires do not slip in smooth surfaces and the thickness of the tires is 20 cm to reduce the tendency of misbalancing.
  • The toddlebike can bear up to 50 kg of weight and itself it is light weighted and hence easy to handle by the kids.
  • The handles of the bike are given special care so that it does not hurt the delicate palms of the little ones. The rubber used in the handle manufacturing is smooth and soft and along with that they are ecofriendly so that they do not harm the babies.
  • The comfortable bars used in the handles make it easy for the toddlers to grab them with ease so as to maintain a good grip ensuring great control over the bike.

The size and weight of the toddler bike makes it easy for the parents to carry it anywhere and park it in any suitable corner of the house. The grip of the tires are designed to cope in any road be it smooth or harsh. Mostly people do not allow toddlers to ride the bikes in unsmoothed roads and hence the tires are made lip free so that it does not tend to slide in smooth surfaces. It is recommended for the parents to gift their babies with the toddlebike because the learning becomes fun with such products and babies do not get bore out of it learning the art of balancing a bike.