Smart Drinking – Forget the Hangover

There is no doubt that everyone has heard several ways to prevent or cure hangovers, however who understands much better than a college student. All the ins and outs of wise drinking featured a cost; first of all someone needs to buy the alcohol and, let us just state, it would save everyone some time if my company simply made my pay check payable to the regional liquor store. I enjoy my party time and have spent a great quantity of time investigating it, both ways to avoid and cure the ever feared hangover.

Let us start with the stating “Alcohol prior to beer, you remain in the clear. Beer before alcohol, never sicker.” I will confess that I never put much stock into that saying but some of that comes from age. All of us understand that young children bounce off walls like rubber balls seemingly unscathed. As we age falling off our bike harms more, getting out of bed harms more, and who can reject that unlike scotch, the hangovers worsen with age. I wold not categorize myself as old, I am 22, but when I was a few years more youthful I might drink vodka like water and awaken the next morning ready to run a couple miles however it simply seems that things don’t work the same anymore. Perhaps those years of reckless behaviour are overtaking me, however possibly the stating is starting to hold some water. I recently learnt, rather by mishap, that it does in reality hold a bit of reality. A minimum of for me it does.

December 31, 2016 the celebrations start early and I am feeling a little more sophisticated than simply routine Miller Lite. So I drink a myriad of cocktails and with my pocket BAC meter blew a. 09 prior to the year is over. I believed for sure I was going to feel this in the early morning and so I decide to live it up and accept the brand-new year as it come unto me. The party goes till well after midnight and I switch to beer about 2 am. For the next 7 hours I am drinking beer while the fire burns in the yard the dark hours near an end. The sun comes up and at 9am I decide it is time for bed and I head inside. I was uninformed that I had actually gone to sleep in the corridor however lets just state, that is how gone I was. My sibling wakes me up and tosses a blanket down on the flooring of her bed room for me and I sleep there for 2 hours until my girlfriend comes to pick me up on her method to work. I crawl into my own bed after she drops me off at home and wake up at 2:45 pm sensation refreshed. Oddly enough starting the night with alcohol helped me avoid what could have been among the worst hangovers in the history of mankind.

This next one I had actually never ever heard of but they gave me a sample and sort of tried it on my own. It is call 6.0 shot they said it will be readily available at most shops and nearly guaranteed at your regional drug stores, when taken prior to you begin drinking and after you finish drinking will prevent your hangover but do nothing to effect the level of buzz you get from your night of partying, in my experience it may even improve your ability to think.

Lastly one that I had forgotten for a while and with the discovery of the charcoal pills, have actually not seen forgetting, is simply to drink a complete glass of water before you kip down for the night, this will replace a lot of the water you lost the night before and assist your body keep appropriate water levels.