Why is It Important for a Data Scientist to Know Python?

We never stop thinking about our careers; there is always something more to achieve; a progressive person’s nature is to move forward and explore the opportunities. And if we are really talking about the current scenario of career opportunities the aspect of data science should not escape from us. Data science has been among the most rewarding disciplines for the last few years and as we move forward in time it is showing more potential and an increasing skill gap. As we all probably know it is an interdisciplinary field that integrates statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and more.

A good data scientist needs to have a variegated skill set. Every data management software system has multiple capabilities but every system is not best for every job. You as a data scientist are more powerful when you have more options.

The most famous programming languages used for data science operations are R, Python, SAS, etc. You may be trained in any of these or any other language for that matter and enter the data science workforce operating in any industry. But while you are working at a company that operates with R you might just need access to the Python data science system for a particular project. You might get a better opportunity at a company that uses SAS while you are only acquainted with Python data science. The whole point is if you are to stay and prosper in the data industry, you need to constantly stretch and enlarge your sphere of knowledge and have an elastic skill set.

Whatever programming language you may depend upon it is advisable that you get a hang of Python. Well, you cannot just get a hang of it, you need to learn it thoroughly in order to gain leverage from its advantages. There are a few distinct features that make Python a formidable language and a popular choice.

  1. It is easy to learn. The use of familiar characters and simplistic syntax make it greatly user friendly.
  2. It needs less amount of code than most other languages to perform a certain task.
  3. It is an open source software system hence greatly cuts the expenses.
  4. It has a vibrant community of active users. You cannot stay stuck for too long because there is so much help in offer.

Data science with Python definitely becomes more fun. An increasing number of professionals and companies are inclined toward Python so it is in your advantage to use a Python data science course in order give your career a strong push forward.

Data science is a field that is opening new avenues every now and then – more industries are discovering its potentials. Every professional needs to be on high alert to stay relevant and keep on learning. That is the key to success.